The Christian Ambulance Association is a group supporting Christians in the ambulance service run by Christians in the ambulance service.
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​We want to support Christians as they serve God in the Ambulance service and to encourage you that biblical Christianity is 100% compatible with our line of duty. Jesus Christ has placed us where we are in the ambulance service, to make a difference for him.

We have each experienced some of the common pressures, challenges and even perceived conflicts for Christians in the ambulance service. We therefore want to provide a network to share, support and encourage one-another so we can be salt and light to our friends, family and colleagues. We can do some of this 'virtually' but also by providing support and accountability through buddying.

We also know what it's like not being able to meet up regularly at Church due to unsocial hours and rotating shifts. We can therefore also share some material and ideas to help one-another with accessing the Bible, teaching and prayer times.

Learn more about us and what we do by visiting our 'Who We Are' page. If you're thinking about joining us, click here to fill out our application form.