CAA in Scotland

9 July 2023

About CAA Scotland

CAA Scotland currently have 15 members from around the mainland of Scotland and the Western Isles. We recently had a featured article in the Scottish Ambulance Service Response Magazine last Spring. This comes with excellent timing, as it represented Easter, new beginnings and new life.

We continue to meet every 6 weeks via Teams, where we pray for one another and hear testimonies of God's goodness, grace and mercy. Our most recent meet involved discussion about each other's churches, and finished with a word about Mary when she poured expensive perfume on Jesus' feet. We discussed that the fragrance remained with Him both in the garden of Gethsemane and even on the cross, which would have reminded Him of a deep friendship and love amongst His friends and spiritual family. That is our hope for CAA Scotland: deep rooted friendships and relationships within the ambulance service setting.

We are starting to plan for a picnic and face to face meet in the late summer, and are continuing to strengthen each other in our testimony evenings and regular WhatsApp posts where we pray and encourage one another.

Scottish ambulance

We value your prayers for:

- That God continues to seek favour on us in Scotland, that He continues to build and love us in the team.

- To allow potential members to be made known, so they can feel God's peace in any given situation.

- That God continues to bless CAA as an organisation and allow us to be Jesus hands and feet.

Join CAA Scotland

If you are in Scotland and you’d like to join CAA, please click the ‘Join Us’ button on our home page. If you have a question, you can email us at [email protected] where your message can be directed to local members.