A large proportion of our membership consist of current university students, all studying at various universities around the UK. Click here to learn more and find your nearest group!
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There are approximately 43* institutions across the UK that offer on-campus Paramedic BSc degrees for students within the UK. This high availability is met with an even higher demand, resulting in thousands of new Student Paramedics starting university every year.

The CAA has put a real focus on its provision of support and resources for students beginning their career into the exciting world of Paramedicine. We have an extremely active and engaged student group within the CAA and welcome even more students to coma and join us, regardless of their progress towards becoming a Paramedic. We also have a student WhatsApp group, allowing students to engage with each other; plan socials; ask questions and, most importantly, pray for each other for anything from impending exams or OSCEs to starting a new placement block.

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We know just how hard life can be at University, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. For those experiencing their first time at university, or even those just moving into the next year of their studies or starting their placement, the challenges you may face can sometimes be overwhelming. The CAA, alongside your local university's Christian Union (CU) are on hand to help those struggling either in their faith, or with the challenges they're facing at university or on placement.

There are so many ways you can get involved with the CAA and receive support if needed by joining us. We regularly host group socials online, and your local university CU is a great way to meet fellow Christians and share in the Gospel, as well as your common interests. You never know, there may be some people on your course already involved with the CAA!

The student lead for the CAA is Dan Beattie. Visit our 'Meet the Team' page to find out more about the people who work behind the scenes to keep the CAA running, as well as to get in touch.