CAA London

27 October 2023

About CAA London

CAA London welcomes all members from the London region – particularly those who work for Ambulance Services in the Capital, and in any other Ambulance setting. Whether you’re involved in making ambulances ready, cleaning our stations, handling calls, or work in a GP surgery or hospital as a paramedic in the capital, CAA London is the Network for you.

London amb

We welcomed our two new Co-Chairs (Anthony and Corina) this summer, and we’re very excited to see where God leads us for the next chapter in London! With 90 members, we are currently using Microsoft Teams and our LAS Intranet to stay in contact. During a series of bi-weekly posts, we are reflecting together on the Lord’s Prayer; most recently, we looked at the invitation we are given to call God our Father, and what a privilege it is to be a child of God. This makes us siblings in Christ – a family – and CAA London wants to be that: a spiritual family which is grounded in God, with deep and meaningful friendships.

We are holding prayer meetings online on a regular basis, and continue explore ways of sharing fellowship together. In September, we arranged to share a picnic together in a London park – what better way to enjoy the summer together!

We would really value your prayers for:

- The continued growth of a lively network, where members find support and encouragement in each other and our shared faith.

- Our members to stay strong in their faith and be filled with the Holy Spirit, to bring love and joy to the UK’s capital.

- Our ability and opportunity to demonstrate the love and hope we have received as Christians appropriately with our colleagues, patients, and their families.

Join CAA London

If you are in London and you’d like to join CAA, please click the ‘Join’ button on this home page. If you have a question, you can email us at [email protected].