Supporting Christian ambulance people, their colleagues and their community.

The Christian Ambulance Association is a group supporting Christian ambulance people, run by Christian ambulance people.

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Our vision

In the ambulance service, we specialise in caring for others at their time of need who are injured, ill, broken, lost and hurting. It’s rewarding yet unpredictable and challenging.

We get to work with the same kinds of people Jesus Christ spent time with; the least, the last and the lost. It’s also our privilege to work in a team of caring, supportive colleagues. We love being part of the ambulance ‘family’ and part of His family – they fit together.

Calling all Students!

Students are a key part to any ambulance service, and with the number of universities across the country offering Paramedic degrees, Student Paramedics occupy an ever-increasing space within CAA memberships. As a charity with its roots and vision firmly embedded within Ambulance Service culture, its only right that we do everything we can to support Student Paramedics just as much as the other job roles involved within the service.

Check out our dedicated student page!
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We release regular news updates to keep you in the loop with all the goings-on within the CAA. Click the button below to visit our dedicated page for all things news-based.

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Faith is the central theme at the heart of everything the CAA stands for. We believe in the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, through whom all we do is made possible. Jesus has given us the gifts we possess, allowing us to go out into the world to help those in their time of need.

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